Material examined is a simple tool by Rod Page to find specimens in GBIF based on the specimen code. For example, MNHN 2003-1054, BMNH 1891.6.13.25, KU 3581, and BM000944668. If found the tool displays available information on that specimen, including a map, images, and links to Genbank sequences.

The tool makes use of the GBIF API and (lots of) regular expressions. Source code is available on GitHub where you can also leave feedback, or you can reach out on Twitter (@rdmpage) Note that there may be more than one specimen with the same code (e.g., KU 3581, CNMA 22439, or WAM R31009), this is because individual collections in the same institution often have the same numbering scheme. The tool is biased towards animals which tend to have distinctive specimen codes, however a growing number of herbaria are adopting standardised codes, such as BM000944668.

There is a reconciliation API here. You can also call a simple search API directly at service/api.php.

The code is on GitHub, where you can also report problems.